Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies

We, the Time2Travels, respect our believer’s privacy and that encourages us for a delineation of an unbreakable security system/platform for personally identifiable information of customers. This privacy policy sets out how Time2Travels amass, use, store, unveil and otherwise treat your personal information you share with us. This policy is to make you aware of the fact that we have appropriate standards when it comes to preserving your privacy on our websites. 

Time2Travels website is completely accessible and you don’t need to exhibit personal information about yourself. We track domains the visitors are surfing our website from for analyzing this data for trends and statistics. While giving you great surfing experience we keep the individual user incognito.

Why we love cookies!

Yes, this is not about cookies that we love to eat! Cookies are the identifying programs, sent to the browser running on your device by some websites to put more excitement to your next visit. Some web pages of our site use cookies to serve you as per your interest on your next visit! Well, it’s not necessary, you can customize your preference for the cookies with an option to choose whether to allow it or not. The info collected and analyzed is for improvisation of your experience on Time2Travels website.  

Referencing to 3rd party NPII advertising, we allow the third-party service providers to display ads on this site sometimes. Anonymous info about your visit and some specific areas of your interest on our website can be obtained by them. The information about your visit can be used to some websites for targeted advertisements and commercials. All kind of information will be gathered by an industry ready standard technology 'pixel tag' that is already used most of the reputed websites. No information identifying you personally like your name, phone number, address and email address gets accessed in this process.

Your personal information is useful to us for the following purposes:

We gather access and disclose the personal data to serve our valuable clients. We collect your personal informationfor the following purposes

• To make and secure reservations,
• To issue transportation documents and vouchers,
• To provide travel suppliers with information to complete the necessary purchasing arrangements for a wide array of travel and tourism products.

We may collect information in the following forms…

• Name,
• Address,
• Telephone, fax and email address
• Date of Birth
• Credit Card Information,
• Passport or Visa Information,

As well as similar personal information necessary to properly identify our clients and their entitlement to the services we arrange.

Protecting Personal Information:

We understand the importance of protecting personal information. For that reason, we have taken the following steps:

•   Paper data is either under supervision or secured in a sealed or prohibited location
•   Electronic equipment is either under supervision or secured in a locked or prohibited area constantly. Also, all the PCs are password protected. The majority of our mobile phones are digital, which signals are much hard to catch. 
•   Paper data is transmitted through sealed, tended to envelopes  or boxes by trustworthy firms
•   Electronic data is transmitted either through a visibly protected line or is anonymized.
•  Staff is prepared to gather, utilize and reveal individual info just as important to fulfill their obligations and as per our protection strategy. 
•  Outer experts and firms with access to personal info must go into protection concurrences with us or recognize that abide by PIPEDA.

Retention and destruction of personal information:

In order to be sure that the services provided from Time2Travels is up to the satisfactory level by handling your queries about our services and for our own accountability to external regulatory bodies, we require retaining personal information.

Howbeitwe don’t require storing your personal information for too long. We keep client’s data for maximum 3 YearsThis is extremely difficult for us to destroy client’s information systematically. So, we prefer to discard such information when it seems that no longer need it or even if you want it to be removed right away

By using the professional shredding service, we raze all kind of personal information clients which are stored on paper file. We delete the personal data saved in digital form when the hardware/hard drive is discarded.

You can look at your information:

While being our valuable client, you deserve to see the personal informative data about youwith some exceptions. You just need to generate a query for the same. We will assist you with a display of what data we have about you. We may also help you to understand the technical terms of the data. Although, you’re welcome to go through the information about you but we need a confirmation of your identity on our website. 

If you find any mistake in the information or you want to upgrade the same you may get it done [Applied to factual info only]What you need to do is, ASK US. If this happens, we agree about the mistake done at our end and the correction in the information will be done at every concerned corner. Otherwise, you may be asked to produce proper documentation that files with us are wrong. 

Do you have a concern?

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